About Cindy

Many years ago I made a promise to learn or teach myself something new each month for a year. That was a very exciting and sometimes a frustrating undertaking. But out of it I learned how to do cold work with silver. It took a while to get the feel of the silver wire, to learn its’ limits and its’ possibilities. Then came the learning to reproduce, tweak, and make a design pleasing but also mechanically functional. This is all self taught.

Looking for new items, or bits and pieces as I call them, to incorporate into my jewelry I came across silver items especially designed for the use with leather. Now I have it. We are back to my days of horses. My girlhood and adulthood dream, horses. I owned a few horses as a young adult. There was always something comforting about the smell of a horse barn. The hay, the leather of the harness, the sweetness of the grain, and yes the sweet smell of the breath of a horse. I had found my new medium, leather and silver.

But as the time has gone on I missed the art of cold work. Now I have returned to cold work silver in addition to the leather and silver. I have more design ideas for both styles and plan to intermingle the 2 types of jewelry. This union of the 2 mediums will create an altogether new style for me to present to you.

So here I am at present day creating jewelry made of leather and silver and best of all people enjoy my creations. They like it, it sells, I replenish stock, I earn money (yes I finally make a profit) and best of all you like my stuff. Thank you.